Mother of 12-week old Covid19 positive baby said heart broke watching her baby struggle

Winter-Rose Watson is the youngest patient in the United Kingdom tested positive for Coronavirus. Jade, a single mother rushed her little baby to the hospital as she was suffering from high fever and could not breathe properly. Initially, the doctors ruled out the possibility of the deadly virus, but later the reports were positive. 

Little Winter-Rose Watson was put on drip and the doctors told the mother of two that there is nothing else to do. 

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Jade said, ”To see my baby struggling like that was so painful, I couldn't believe what was happening. I'm so grateful she was able to pull through."

She further said, "She's still got the virus and I don't know if I've had it or not, as the only symptom I had was a headache that wouldn't go away, even after taking headache pills.

The mother of two also has a son who lived with her for a few days, "My son was with me a couple of days before Winter went into hospital, but now he has to isolate with his dad at his home as we don't know if he could have it too.

"It's been such a difficult time as I've not been able to have anyone come and visit. Even when I was in the hospital I was on my own, it was hard.

"You need support at times like this, but with this whole situation, it must be so difficult for people who are in hospital alone, not having anyone to come and visit them.

"That was the hardest thing - having no-one to support me at the hospital.

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"I did receive a lot of nice messages from people online though. That was quite overwhelming, and made me cry but it's what got me through."

There's been talk of this virus not affecting babies the same way as others, but it does, and it has affected Winter so much. I had never seen her looking so helpless.

"I'd only been out of the house really to go to Lidl and Home Bargains but people need to listen to the advice, and stay indoors."

Deputy Medical Director and Consultant Paediatrician at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, Dr Chris Gardner said,”We do not comment on individual cases but we are pleased to report that no babies or children cared for at the trust have needed oxygen or any respiratory support as a result of Covid-19 in keeping with the fact that this virus generally causes only a mild illness in children.”

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"We are however ready and able to provide all additional support including stabilisation, ventilation and transfer to intensive care and have good links with specialist children’s centres around the country for any future children who may require this.

"We would also like to reiterate the plea for people to stay at home to protect themselves and others. 

"If you do need to go out please observe social distancing guidelines, and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. 

"Children do however still get sick with other serious and treatable conditions apart from COVID-19 which often presents as only a mild illness in this age group. 

"If your child is unwell and you are concerned, we want to see them. 

"Do not delay in connecting with NHS111, your GP or in serious cases the emergency department. This is particularly important for young children and babies such as Winter-Rose."

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Finally, Winter-Rose’s condition improved over the weekend and was discharged on Monday. She was taken to her home in Burnley and since then is kept in isolation at least for 14 days.