Google Assistant in Android phones is to help you send Audio Messages

Google, the Internet search giant, has added a new feature to its assistant that allows the users to send audio messages to their contacts. The company announced this new feature in a recent blog post. 

In the blog post, Google wrote, “While we can’t offer you another hand, there are a handful of ways that Google Assistant can be the next best thing, thanks to voice control.” 

Simply put, it will be easy for Android users to use the phone. That means searching on the phone or sending messages to someone and calling will become quite convenient. Till now Android users had to visit Google Search to search anything on the phone and then hold the small mic on the right side. 

Google said that this feature doesn’t require the user to hold the mic icon while recording the message. They can just simply say, “Hey Google, send an audio message...” or “Hey Google, send an audio message to(name of the contact)saying...”. The assistant will take the hint and share the message with the concerned person. Every time users use this function; the Assistant will ask whether to send it over WhatsApp or RCS/Messages.

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Users are free to use this feature on third-party apps such as WhatsApp by simply commanding, "Hey Google, send a WhatsApp message to(contact name) saying...” The user needs to make sure the message is correct as the assistant sends it as soon the user is done recording. 

The service is currently available when the language of the assistant is set to English or Portuguese for the Brazil locale. The feature would soon be available in various languages as it gets updated in the coming weeks. 

The assistant is already well versed in transcribing and translating text for international communications. 

Along with the voice message feature, Google also added five other ways to utilize Google Assistant. Users can use the voice feature to read an article that they can command by saying, “Hey Google, read the article/page.”

It will also assist you in finding the nearest delivery or takeout restaurants and taking a selfie. It also allows its users to share web content with all the contacts by using the voice feature.  

Features like these have transformed the Google assistant into a modern-day walkie-talkie. Google is planning to provide more features to its users in the future that could give a new upgrade to the Assistant.