How do I recover my hacked Google account?

Hacking a Google account or Gmail is not a Herculean task for the hackers. But, most of the hackers do not stop at compromising the account or locking it out, they go a step further by spamming your contact list or making payments. Now Google sends an email on the alternative email ID alerting an unauthorised login or a new browser from which log in trials are happening. If the user marks it safe, only then the Google proceeds, but, even now hackers know their way out and can hack the account.

So, how can you recover the compromised account?

  1. First and foremost, one must click on forgot password while signing in. It will take you to a recovery link:
    Recover your Google Account or Gmail .
  2. If your account hasn’t been disabled but compromised, then with the help of the link you can recover the account.
  3. You need to prove the ownership of the account which can be done by answering questions correctly or typing the verification code which is sent on your registered mobile number or alternative E-mail ID.
  4. While answering questions, make sure there are no typing errors.
  5. But, if Google says that it could not verify the details, then, unfortunately, you have lost your account.

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Important points to note here are that users cannot directly contact Google or its customer care. So if you get a contact number that claims its Google help desk number, then it can be a way of scamming people. Also, when you recover your account check, if there are any folders created or chats done by your account as such activities are possible by the hackers to get money from your contact list by your name. Lastly, double-check the contact number, alternate email ID and security settings of your account.