Migrant worker with no work removes plaster from his broken leg and walks 240km to meet his family

Migrant workers leave their homes and villages to seek work in metro cities. It is their only hope for survival and to send some money home so that their family can survive. However, the Coronavirus outbreak has made the life of these migrants worse even though the virus does not infect them. As Prime Minister NarendraModi has announced a complete lockdown till 14th April, everybody is either working from home or production units have halted the production. It has led to an increase in unemployment for a daily wage and contractual workers. 

The migrants who come from remote villages and work as contractual workers are dependent on their daily wages. But, now they have no work, and hence survival has become impossible in big cities. There are many incidents of workers starving because of no food or sleeping in public parks as they cannot pay rent. But, one disappointing episode made me wonder what can be done to mitigate the problems of migrants, especially during these testing times.

NDTV tweeted a video on 31st March i.e., Tuesday, where a migrant is seen sitting on the road and tearing his plaster. When was he asked why he was tearing his plaster? He said that he has no work and can’t send money to his family. He was returning to his home town in Rajasthan, and because he had no money, therefore, he decided to walk all the way. 


His house is 240kms from Delhi, and as there is no means of transportation, nor can he afford any, so he felt that his only hope is to walk and cover the distance. As the plaster was a hindrance, he started removing it without worrying about his broken leg. 

It is such a disturbing incident, and we are sure there are many more in this miserable position living without food and money. Let’s hope that the government comes up with a solution and resolves their financial crisis amidst the outbreak.