Sneaky monkey did not like getting clicked, therefore, snatched spectacles of the tourist

The only word that comes to mind when we talk about monkeys is mischievous but incredibly cute. Known as the ancestors of Homo sapiens, they are naughty pouncers who keep snatching anything they set their eyes on.

The hilarious incident took place in Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia, where the tourists were strolling, getting clicked and enjoying the aesthetic beauty. Connor Coman Sargent, a 24 year old man, was strolling around and did not realise that a monkey was silently following him.

When he noticed a monkey behind him on the pan tiles, he thought of taking a selfie with the mischievous monkey. As he was adjusting the camera and was ready to click, the monkey sneaked in and stole his specs. Baffled, he scrunched his eyes and did not believe for a moment what just happened.

The monkey ran up the pan tiles with his specs between his teeth and started licking the lenses. The curious monkey was checking-out the specs as if it was some kind of food. The fellow tourists were amused by the act and started laughing.

The tourists whistled to attract the monkey’s attention and get the specs back, but our wise ancestors did not budge.

Connor uploaded the whole video on his Instagram handle and gave the news that he got his specs back. Even though the monkey was sneaky and played the prank with a human, guess what! Connor had the last laugh.