Triple Talaq on Whatsapp because the woman couldn’t pay 25 lakhs dowry

For how long will Indian continue with this back old dowry system and keep outraging women for the same? 

This old backward system of asking money in the form of dowry has agitated many women across the nation. And one is here from Madhya Pradesh.

In Bhopal, a woman was asked to leave home or was demanded a dowry of Rs 25 Lakhs. She was asked to bring the amount from her parents and then, later on, asked to leave the home.

This incident took place on the 31st of July as the women mentioned in her complaint. She has also said in her complaint that her husband has also harassed her for the dowry several times. 

Shivraj Singh Chouhan CM Madhya Pradesh has taken note of the case and has tweeted on his twitter handle saying “A Muslim sister in Bhopal has filed an FIR with the police on the issue of her husband sending her a message of Triple Talaq on her mobile for divorcing her. I assured her that Madhya Pradesh police will make all possible efforts to ensure that she gets justice".

The CM also came out with another tweet saying "I have spoken to the Director-General of Police (DGP) on the issue and asked him to coordinate with the Bengaluru police for taking proper action for getting justice to the Muslim sister.”

When the woman could bring the desired money amount she came back to her maternal home in Bhopal. She also came out saying to the police that the husband did not even allow her to take the children along.

The husband also had a telephonic conversation with his brother on the 31st of July and said to him that the woman was giving him a lot of trouble so he is divorcing her by triple talaq. Whereas Triple Talaq is non-licet under the Muslim Women Act 2019.

The background history tells that they have been married since 2001 and have 2 children. The husband is employed in one of the up-market hotels in Bengaluru. The entire family then came to Bengaluru in the year 2013.

Let us focus on big No’s to the dowry and stop such harassment faced by the women to give them a secure family and environment to live in completely free without any pressure.


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