A Woman Named "Naked Athena" Went Nude ANd Stood Off Against The Police

This woman went nude on the Streets of Portland protesting against Black Lives Matter. Some people come out in troops for protests to raise their voices and slogans. Walk on the streets or block the roads for the protest but in this case, it is a naked woman.

How outlandish would it be when a naked woman walks in front of the police and stands apart from wearing a hat and a mask. It will distract the police service of course. 


With the ongoing black lives, matters protest some white women have ganged up and decided to deflect the police. They would stand 10 meters away from the police until unless they throw pepper balls.

On 18th July Donovan Farley came out on twitter with some real ice-breaking images of this woman named “Naked Athena” also applauding her bravery to come out like this for a protest.

There is no such connection of coming out completely nude and protesting. We see no point in doing so, there are hundreds of ways in which people protest but this woman has landed in a way that doesn’t seem to be right.

Some people have also tweeted saying “someone explains to me how this is helping our cause”. 

Which is exactly the thing, how will someone relate to this and think that no discrimination for the blacks should be done. How will this bring peace and equality to the “black lives matter”. 

One should know the difference in making their point of view clear for the cause they are raising their voice for. But walking on the streets nude and standing in front of police is doing zero justice to “black lives matter”.

If you wish to stand for “Black lives matter” and show the support think of something that might shake the people who are bringing the inequality for the blacks.