A Heart Breaking Story of armless Woman of London Making Headlines in Britain

Source: Daily Mirror

Alison Lapper, a steel woman without arms but an indomitable optimism and determination mourns the loss of her only teenage child. She was born without arms and was abandoned pregnant by her boyfriend, but she fought ceaselessly against the establishment to keep her child.

Source: Daily Mirror

Years of the fight and finally she got the custody of her boy Parys Lapper. However, destiny had other plans which led to the sudden demise of her only 19-year old son who was featured in BBC program, “Child of our times.”

Source: Daily Mirror

Alison’s fiancé announced on Facebook that Alison’s son Parys Lapper tragically and suddenly passed away a week ago. Shattered and speechless, Alison expressed that she wishes that her boy’s last procession from Shoreham by Sea to Worthing Crematorium should be escorted by motorbikes and full of noise as her teenage son liked motorbikes.

Source: Daily MirrorAn iconic,” Alison Lapper Pregnant Sculpture”

The final journey will be on 29th, and it should be a celebration of his life, however, short it was.

Raised by a disabled mother in challenging circumstances and years of fight with the establishment, yet his life was a celebration, said Alison Lapper. She reminisced the time when he was first placed on her shoulder, and she put a kiss on his forehead.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Source: Daily Mirror

She couldn’t control her tears. But now is the time to bid him a final goodbye. To remind the readers, Parys Lapper was the same child who was featured with his mother on BBC program Child of our time was the only participant who died even before turning twenty.