Medical team and an ambulance attacked with stones for taking Corona suspect in Uttar Pradesh

The terror of Coronavirus is making people violent, irrational and inhuman. A recent incident in Nawabganj area of Moradabad, UP came into light when a medical team, ambulance and police officers were pelted with stones. The team went to take Coronavirus positive suspects. 


The two suspects were in the ambulance and all of a sudden a crowd emerged to stop them. They started pelting stones on the ambulance and doctors, and in the mayhem, health professionals were injured. When the team of police officers on duty came to rescue them, they were also attacked by the angry mob and ran away after hurting them. 

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adinath said he was appalled by the act. He ordered the arrest of the mob and asked police to book a case against the 10 stone pelters under strict National Security Act. Further, he ordered finding other people who ran from the crime scene and asked to penalise them for damage to public property. 

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Since then the security of the area has been heightened and police are finding the people on run. It is a shame that people are violating law and order, becoming hostile and risking their lives at the time of pandemic.