Inter-state couple take wedding vows on Kerala-Tamil Nadu Border during the nationwide lockdown

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnised on Earth, it is true, but who would have ever thought that a marriage will take place on an inter-state border. Don't be shocked; it actually happened during the nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus. The Kerala and Tamil Nadu border was the venue of the inter-state wedding of a couple who got married in a simple ceremony in Ganesh Temple near Chinnar Bride. 

"Bride is from Kerala & groom from Tamil Nadu. Since all family members could not travel for the wedding, it was decided to conduct at the border," says AK Mani, former Devikulam MLA. 

Yashashmita, daughter of Hombalaiah and Triveni of Kodagu, and Satish Kumar, son of Shakthivel and Latha of Mettupalyam, had fixed the wedding for Thursday at the bride's place. But, Shaktithivel and his family did not get permission to cross the border and reach Karnataka for marriage. So, they thought of making the inter-caste marriage an inter-state marriage by getting the couple married in a Ganesh Temple on the border. 

The bride and her family came all the way to Punjanur from Kodagu, and they got married on the pre-decided auspicious date. There were no relatives at the wedding, no pomp and show or no extravagant buffet. The marriage was solemnised in the presence of both the bride and groom's family members and the staff at the check post. 

As the wedding took place during the lockdown, the bride could not go with the groom to her in-law's house in Tamil Nadu. She returned to her village Kodagu, and the groom went back to Tamil Nadu. Now after the lockdown they will reunite and start with their happy married life.