Barbaric Incident: Wife bites off her husband’s penis because of rat in their room

An unexpected incident took place in one of the towns of Zambia where a woman bites off her husband’s penis. Yes, this took place to let us know the reason for such an act. When will such a barbaric incident stop?

A man who is 52 years old named Abraham Musonda and lives in Kitwe was bit by his wife named Mukupa. The woman is 40 years old and did a shocking thing.

The incident took place when the woman returned home after having a get-together drink with her mates. She came back to her room and found this rat hounding her due to which she got enraged. 

Once the rat was in the entire room wondering from place to place, she was unable to have a sound sleep due to the disturbance created she asked her husband to get rid of the rat. The animal was hounding her.

They then argued the same and still when the husband disagreed to get the rat out the woman bit his genitals causing a serious tear. After this, he was immediately taken to the Kitwe Teaching Hospital for medication. 

There is no update on the position of medical injuries yet.

BothwellNamuswa Kitwe Police spokesman stated in one of his statements “Mukupa had gone out drinking and when she came home, she asked Mr. Musonda if he could remove a rat from her room. Musonda apparently refused to kill the rat.”

Image Source:  The victim was rushed to Kitwe Teaching Hospital for urgent treatment

He also added saying that the couple is separate but live in the same house in separate rooms.

This news came after the news of Mohammad Mahmoud Shaar who was arrested for digging his fingernails in the genitals of his girlfriend’s son. This man was 26 years old and was based out in Florida.

This news gets us stuck with the inhumane activities happening around, sometimes it gets difficult for us to believe such things. 

Shaar has first dropped his girlfriend at her abode and then left to drop her son to babysitter’s place which was just 1.6 miles away. But apparently, he took 20 minutes to reach there. When the babysitter saw the son, he was quivering and crying to which Shaar gave no explanation and just left the place. 

According to the arrest report, it is stated that this 26-year-old man was extremely angry when he dropped his girlfriend. But is the only way to get your anger out? How many such beastly incidents do we have to hear more?

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