Elephants break into a farm in China, drink wine and slept peacefully

Coronavirus has become a super pathogen infecting more than 2,20,000 people in the world and claiming more than 10,000 lives. Amidst the chaos of the world, China, Europe, America shutting down and quarantine situations, there is a herd that had some fun.

As China is incomplete lockdown with 10 million people observing self-quarantine and administration is at a halt, a herd of elements got their way into a village in Yunnan.

The herd probably was hungry and was looking for food when they found 30kg corn wine. The herd enjoyed the wine and got high on the drink, which proved to be their elixir. 

Image Source: (Twitter

After drinking the wind, the herd went towards a tea plantation farm where the two male elephants passed out and enjoyed a sound sleep with their full wine belly. No wonder it was a funny incident for humans, but I wonder how the elephants responded to the hangover and sore heads.

While that was light news from China in the challenging times, the situations are not in control yet. Coronavirus has become pandemic infecting even well-developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. Now, it has also hit the developing economies of India, Nepal, and Bhutan. 

We hope that a cure is found soon, and the circumstances do not deteriorate. The good news is the US is in the first phase of testing the vaccine developed to fight the virus.